My name is Emily Young and I live in Warwickshire in the UK.
My passion and purpose in life is to help others realise their potential and find fulfillment and happiness in their lives. Nothing provides me with more pleasure than facilitating people move closer towards their goals and achieve them!

A summary of my background

  • I graduated from University with a BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management (HR);
  • I have worked in a blue-chip financial organisation in both HR and Business roles for many years;
  • Studied and achieved Master of Arts in Management (MA);
  • Member of the Chartered Insititute of Personnel and Development (CIPD);
  • Qualified in Psychometric tools and aptitude testing;
  • Studied and achieved my Life Coaching Certificate;
  • Studied and achieved my Life Coaching Diploma;
  • Been Life coached myself.

My biggest achievement is having overcome my own lack of self-belief, I mastered my self-talk and am now able to keep my eyes firmly fixed on my goals and do in life what I feel is my purpose – to help others find and achieve theirs.

I have worked with many kinds of people from different backgrounds in both business and human resource context of roles. I have life coached many individuals with varying goals.

So why should I life coach people?

I could go into a whole load of detail here about my life coaching course, what it involved, how I did it. I choose not to.

Instead, I would rather state that I believe whole heartedly in what I do, I want nothing more than results for my clients – results that are the right ones for them – akin to their values and what is important to them in life.

I have a huge passion and desire to make a difference – that to me is the best qualification I could have.

If you are not sure life coaching is for you, or don’t want to commit to paying for it, no doubt you have visited my site for a reason – please feel free to share this either by posting me a message.