It is with pleasure that I share with you some of the testimonials from my clients I have worked with. A personal note of thanks to these clients, not only for the honour of working with them, but also for allowing me to publish these comments.

“You have given me a very precious gift, I have finally found my inner voice.

Through our sessions, I have identified true sense of purpose and my own uniqueness. I have the confidence, faith and vision to take control of my life. Most importantly I have found inner calm and happiness which is something that has evaded me most of my life.

You truly are a very special and talented individual, who has the capability of helping people reach for and realize their dreams.You have helped me achieve something more precious then money can ever buy. For this I thank you. Alison”

“I like the way you listen intently and always question the obstacles or things I’ve not thought about to reveal possible gaps in my logic.  You are open, honest and enthusiastic.  Your tone is fine and interaction is always excellent.  I wouldn’t say that there was anything that I could highlight to you as being “wrong” in regards of our sessions.  You make me feel like I can trust you implicitly and trust is very important to me.

You have helped my confidence tremendously, you have seen that, and you have come to understand me.  I find now I’ve become more of the person that I want to be.

Your physical help in achieving my dream has transcended into more personal areas of my life. Perhaps one fed the other.  What I mean here, is that, because your participation has empowered me in my ‘dream’ life, my personal psyche has improved too.

I have achieved more than I set out to achieve through our sessions, I have a better understanding of the steps I need to take to achieve success way beyond writing a simple business plan. John “

“Emily, if I see even the slightest opportunity to sing your praises to people, I do so.  You have gently supported me during an exciting but confusing time of my life whilst I am considering my future career options. Your warm personality shines through and your questioning and reflection on what we’ve discussed – both in our sessions and in your follow up summary – are invaluable. When I look at how far I have come in such a relatively short space of time, I am amazed.  


“Emily has a great approach that really has helped me to go from a lot of different ideas floating around in the air to a much more focussed route to where I want to go. Emily uses questioning in a way that really gets those positive actions out of you as well as engaging and discussing in a really relaxed, conversational way.

I felt I could call on Emily at any time and not feel like I was imposing even if it was for a quick 5 mins – which really helped.

Emily’s summing up emails after each session have been a great way for me to action out what I need to do and make real progress. The information gathering forms asked some really important questions and really formed a major part of my coaching.

Emily is so encouraging and I just can’t understate how much of a positive effect this has had on me. She has done this really by helping me to see strengths and work through those weaker moments

Emily as I have said you are just inspirational! Your approach is so positive and encouraging and through this you find real, tangible routes to achieving success. You are a fantastic coach and a great friend. The massive value you have added to my life and career cannot be underestimated.
Thank you! Gemma”

“Emily, you are a real natural at being a life coach. You are so easy to talk to and I really enjoy our sessions. I sense that you enjoy them as well. Being open and honest is easy for me because you make me feel so comfortable when we meet.

I actually value your option more than anyone else at the moment because you fully understand my working world and the pain of restructures, you are totally objective and you’re on my side. What a wonderful combination!

Just articulating things and hearing you play them back to me has been extremely valuable. For example, you make me see that working late to be ‘seen to be good’ is just ridiculous!……… You get me to think about things I have never considered – like how much time I spend to myself. It has been a great opportunity to take stock and re think……The added self awareness has been wonderful!

Emily – you have been the best thing I have done in 2004! It has been a very difficult year for me personally and it would have been much harder to cope with it all, without you. You’re in the same life stage and you appreciate my working environment so you really understand me. I love your objectivity and the fact that you are totally on my side. I don’t find this to the same degree with anyone else in my life which is why I truly value your opinion.

You have already helped my change the direction of my life for the better. The new job I have been offered, you made me understand how well it fits with my values and so how much better it would be than staying in my current role. Thank you – Liz”.

“You are very skilled at enabling me to draw out my thoughts and feelings on the subjects that we cover. I find the way that you challenge my thoughts and beliefs by your use of questions very effective as it enables me to just take a moment to really think about whether what I’ve said is really congruent with what is important to me.

The way you help me to keep focused and on track with what we are discussing is really helpful, as I do have the tendency to get a bit carried away and go off at a tangent.I also find your written summaries of our sessions very useful, as it means that I can concentrate 100% on what we are discussing, rather than trying to make my own notes during the session.

Most importantly, I do feel very listened to, supported and encouraged by you. Your active listening skills are demonstrated by your ability to feedback to me your understanding of what I’ve said in a very succinct manner. – Lesley “

“Last year my team at work hit one of those dreaded ‘re-structures’ and turmoil was my middle name.  I had been very happy in the work I had been carrying out…then suddenly wham. Encouraged and supported by Emily to pursue a project I had been working on, I sent my proposals to a senior executive hoping to create a new window of opportunity for myself.  Too proud to ask for direct help, Emily seemed to gauge this and  constantly made herself available to point out all the opportunities I had to choose from.  To be quite honest Emily has a gift for pointing out the positives of any situation, never once inflicting her own view but seamlessly guiding you to make the decisions there for you to take. When that window of opportunity did not materialise I scarcely noticed, as Emily had skillfully moved me on to another avenue, which this time had a successful consequence.

Emily is one of the most adjusted people I have ever met, always thinking of others at the expense of herself.  Thank you Emily for being there for me in the past and for being a friend and advisor in the future. 

If  you are reading this and you get the opportunity have a life coaching session with Emily and you’ll never look back only forwards and with anticipation -Pat”