When you say the word “life”, what springs to mind for you?

For some it will be confusion, worry, stuck in a rut for others it will be contentment but ambition, where do I go next?

The point is we are all fantastically unique and have different contributions to make in life, aspirations to fulfil and goals to reach.

Some of us know what we want to do next, but struggle with getting there, others need to find their vision of what it is they want in the future and then start along the pathway towards it.

Consider the following:

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The busy person

Never enough time to do everything they would like to,. When asked about their work-life balance this individual replies– “what’s that?”

This person sets high standards wants to put their all in to everything they do and often end up losing out on time for themselves.

Often feeling tired, exhausted and lacking energy, this person seldom makes time to consider what it is that they want from life, continuing on the treadmill of their current busy “ no time to invest time in what they really want to do” life situation.

The dreamer

This individual has some fantastic ideas and visions as to what they would like to do in life, but that is all they remain – IDEAS.

No goals are established, nothing is written down or planned for, and nothing is done to move themselves closer to their ideas/vision.

This person often revisits the thoughts and talks animatedly about their goals – but nothing more.

The fearful dweller

This is the “what if” individual, the spinner of stories and possible outcomes about what might be, or what could happen. They are their own obstacle to making their dreams/goals happen. They live in a world that contains many imaginary negative thoughts usually about the possible consequences of taking action. This person blocks positive thoughts – these thoughts are deemed just too optimistic!

They avoid pain at all costs and don’t even consider any pleasure that might be derived from their actions if taken towards their goals.

The aimless wanderer

This person drifts from one thing to another, (nothing wrong with this, if they prefer this lifestyle). However, with no planning or thought given to what it is that they want from life, or what their goals/aspirations are that they want to achieve, suddenly the pursuit of a windy directionless road with many side roads having been taken results in this individual feeling frustrated and/or in a situation which is not giving them anything that is important to them in life.

The long-time contented

This individual has been happy with life for a while, they have achieved a fair amount of their life goals and are generally content with life. Although contentment finds them used to a certain way of living, familiar surroundings and day-to-day activities find this individual stuck in a rut or feeling a need for something more. Often a feeling of exasperation occurs as this individual considers what and how to do something different.

The combination

This individual is a hybrid of one or more of the above descriptions. We are all unique, hence the diversity which makes life interesting!

Which one are you?

When you look back on your life as it is today compared to 10 years ago, what do you differences do you see, have you realised the goals/ambitions/dreams that you had back then? When you look ahead to the next 10 years do you know where you want to be?

What does happiness look like for you? How much of this are you experiencing right now?

So many of us focus on what it is others want from us be it our work place, our colleagues, or family and friends and before we know it time has passed us by and we wonder how we got to the place we are in now, and what it is we actually are and want to be!

Help yourself to realise your potential and experience true happiness in life – you deserve to – don’t waste any more time make steps to make a difference now.

Life coaching might not be for you – you may just need some tips to help you get yourself kick started or be your own life coach. Make sure you maintain the momentum to reach your goals!

For others, life coaching is an invaluable means of ensuring they have the support that most of us need from time to time to focus on what it is in life that will make them happy and how they go about achieving it and maintaining the focus, overcome obstacles presented to realise their potential and ultimately be happy!

I believe everyone deserves this – and it would be my honour to help you.